Introducing Consentua

Consentua is a consent management platform. It gives individuals choice and control over how their personal data is used, helps organisations to achieve and demonstrate data protection compliance, and builds trust between service providers and their customers.

Consentua Lock

Organisations deploy Consentua within their own applications via some easy to use APIs to capture the consent of their own users. Individuals use Consentua enabled mobile apps to manage the consents they have given.

The laws around consent are changing. Consentua gives organisations the ability to keep ahead of these changes and provide a fully audited history of their personal data consent transactions.

How it works

  • Consentua is accessed via a simple API (Application Programming Interface).
  • A consent template is created for your organisation - the template describes what information you need to collect from your users.
  • A consent request is presented to your user via an embedded instance of consentua within your application.
  • Your user chooses the level of consent they wish to grant.
  • The consent is recorded by Consentua and a consent receipt is made available via the API.
  • Your customer is now free to continue to enjoy your service.

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